About Us

Easy Recycling & Salvage, a woman-owned and family operated business, is committed to the long-term metal recycling and container service needs of East Texas. Founded in November 2002 as Jacksonville Recycling, new owners changed the company name to Easy Recycling & Salvage, Inc. in December 2007. Easy Recycling prides itself on providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing for all scrap metal.

Our People Set Us Apart From the Rest

Easy Recycling and Salvage is fortunate to have the type of employees who strive for excellence and are proud of their accomplishments. Extra effort is a scarce commodity and with it industry standards are set and the quality of service rises even higher.


Easy Recycling and Salvage is a commercial metal recycling facility that specializes in scrap removal for industrial customers.  Easy Recycling can provide onsite cutting crews services and efficient scrap metal removal for clean-up jobs.